2021 Shenandoah Valley Tractor Pullers Membership Form

Type of Membership:  __Member & Tractor    __Member Only    __Tractor Only

Class:  __900 lb. Stock Jr. Adult                               __1050 lb. Open 
           __900 lb. Stock Adult                                    __1250 lb. Sportsman 
           __1000 lb. Stock                                            __1400 lb. Pro Sportsman 
           __1050 lb. Stock                                            __1600 lb. Eliminator
           __1100 lb. Stock-Altered                              __1900 lb. Pro Eliminator
           __1050 lb. PST (pro/super/twin)                                   

Vehicle Name:____________________________Brand of Vehicle:_________________Year:______
Type of Engines:____________________________Chassis:___________________________________
Vehicle Sponsors:____________________________________________________________________

Driver Name:________________________________________
DOB (if minor)__________________ Age (if minor)_________
Cell Phone:___________________

Membership Dues: 
    # of Drivers                _____X $20.00
    # of Vehicles              _____X $20.00                    Total: $_________

I hereby authorize Shenandoah Valley Tractor Pullers Association Inc. to use the information contained on this form to promote the sport of Garden Tractor Pulling as it deems appropriate, to include magazine/newspaper/newsletter articles and website publishing.

Member Signature and Date:__________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian
(required for minors 18 & Under):______________________________________________

Please make checks payable to SVTPA
Mail form with payment to:

721 Carann Street
Staunton, VA 24401